Attracting Candidates with Dynamics 365 Talent

The Attract module within Dynamics 365 Talent helps employers to manage their hiring process. Candidates can be added to open jobs and track their progression through the different stages from application to job offer or application rejection. Whilst moving through each stage, the candidates will complete different activities like assessments and interviews.

Once a candidate has applied for a job, the employer will send them an automatic email inviting them to sign into Attract. From here, both the candidates and employer can follow the status of the job and all applications. Attract provides the following feature:


Employers can use dashboards to view all open job details and the candidates who have applied. Within the dashboard, employers can track which candidates have completed each activity, including who has progress to the next stage of the application process. Employers can also use Excel spreadsheets to import new jobs into the attract dashboard.


Within Attract there are 4 hiring stages:

  • Apply – When a candidate applies for an open job, they will upload their CV, Cover Letter and any other information such as email address, phone numbers and links to social media accounts. These are then stored on talent for the employers to review.
  • Screen – Once a candidate has applied for a job and their documents have been reviewed, they will then be invited by the employer to participate in a screening phone call. This can either be carried out by phone or over a Skype interview.
  • Interview – If a candidate makes it through the screening stage, they will be invited to a face to face by the employer. From here they will provide feedback to the candidate on how the interview went.
  • Offer – if a Candidate is successful in their interview, the employer will make an offer through attract where the candidate can view and either accept or decline.

Candidates App

When a candidate has applied for a job, they will receive a link to the candidate app. This app will provide the job details to the candidate and inform them of any activities that need completing. Candidates can also use this app to submit their availability for interviews.


When a candidate is uploading their application, if they provide a link to their LinkedIn profile, the employer will be able to view their profile from attract. This is only available of the LinkedIn recruiter license has been purchased and integrated.

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