General Availability of Lsv2-Series Azure VM’s!

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In the start of February 2019 Microsoft announced the general availability of their Lsv2-series VM’s. Some of the features of this include high throughput, low latency and direct mapped local NVMe storage. The hardware of these VM’s includes AMD EPYCTM 7551 processors which have been boosted to 2.55GHz. Some of the configurations of this include 8 to 80 vCPUs with multi threading. Microsoft have also announced that each VM will have 8GiB of memory combined with a 1.92TB SSD per 8vCPU’s.

These VM’s are best suited for heavy workloads for example data applications, SQL databases and data warehousing. To be more generalised any applications that require high memory usage are best placed on these VM’s. Microsoft have also mentioned they have worked closely with AMD when creating these VM’s.

For the bit you’ve been waiting for here are the specs (this includes the name, vCPU’s, Memory and NVme disks)!

  • L8s_v2 – 8 – 64 – 1 x 1.92 TB
  • L16s_v2 – 16 – 128 – 2 x 1.92 TB
  • L32s_v2 – 32 – 256- 4 x 1.92 TB
  • L64s_v2 – 64 – 512 – 8 x  1.92 TB
  • L80s_v2 – 80 – 640 – 10 x 1.92 TB

For more information and documentation feel free to check out Microsoft’s blog here.

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