The Art of Being Brilliant – A Review

So, in recent years the desire to be happy and the drive for success have come to the fore-front of everyone’s minds and with it loads of books, webcasts and other resources on how to be happy and positive thinking etc.

But are any of these books’ worth it?


I’ve been reading a few motivation books of late, haven’t we all? And most of them have had the same very false smile mentality – that was… until I came across ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’.


A lot of the time, the normal motivational books promote big change – the sort of change we all wish we were capable of but, know we aren’t. However, ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ moves away from dramatic change and focuses on more on the little steps and understanding that each person needs their goals tailored to them!


It goes into detail around ‘Corporate Entropy’ which in truth was a phrase I had never heard before, yet I had most certainly felt it!

The feeling that the problem makers out number the problem solvers, that your desire is not about being innovative anymore but about making it to the end of the week… We’ve all had that ‘here we go again’ feeling and the authors of this book, Andy Cope and Andy Whittaker, seem to really understand that ‘Blue Monday’ feelings except it’s the third Wednesday in March and you’ve been feeling this way for as long as you can remember working.

This book delves into those people we see who seem to constantly be happy, the 2%- ers as they are called in this book are the 2% of the people on the PLANET who are happy. This figure struck me – 2%!

Only 2% of the human population are happy…

And what makes it worse, I can bet that you’ve found that 2% -er really annoying at some point in your life. We’ve all had the desire to ignore or even walk away from a very chirpy person at 8am in the morning who seems to be beaming with the thought of starting a tedious task that will take months to complete. Who hasn’t had that feeling?

But in this book, it goes into what makes the 2% – ers happy, and I’m not going to steal the books thunder by telling you now.


Along with other things this book gave me the confidence to start small and build progress overtime, to be okay with not being happy all the time and finally (amongst loads of other things) appreciate those 2% – ers because without them our lives would be a little duller.


Thanks for reading! Go check out ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ for yourself and let me know what you think.

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