New Azure PowerShell Module AZ released!

In the last days of 2018 Microsoft announced the release of their latest Azure PowerShell module called ‘Az’ version 1.0. Microsoft have said this is meant to combine the power of both PowerShell Core and Cloud Shell whilst also being compatible with Windows PowerShell version 5.1. This module also simplifies commands and module names.

The module can be downloaded from the PowerShell Gallery and is said to have by weekly updates commencing from the 15th January 2019. Some of the new features include:

  •  Always being up to date with the latest Azure tooling for Azure services.
  •  This is shipped in the Cloud Shell.
  •  This module enables device code authentication support allowing users to log in while remoting through a terminal using a different machine/VM.

This module does come with a few authentication changes whereby some of the authentication methods supporting the connect-AzureRmAccount have been removed or tweaked.

Another change is that support for user login using PSCredential is currently disabled in this version until the next release rolls around on the 15th January however Microsoft advise against using this method.

Thank you for reading and to find out more about the release click here.

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