December 2018 Latest Microsoft Teams Features!

Microsoft are always adding new features to teams to help improve compatibility and communication, some of these include:

  • Group call pickup – this is a feature that allows users to create custom groups that their colleagues can be in to answer the phone when you are busy.
  • Shared Line Appearance – This is similar to skype whereby you can set up delegates to answer calls on your behalf.
  • Call Park –  This is a very useful feature that helps with the process of getting into contact with users that are usually quite busy.
  • Location Based Routing – This feature restricts call routing between VoIP endpoints based on the location of the call.

The Teams admin centre has received a lot of new features and admins can now manage all their different teams directly from the admin centre. New administrator roles have also been added in order to make it easier to manage different Teams.

To find out more about these new features click here.

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