Changes to SCOM 2019 Alert Monitors!

Microsoft have decided to revamp the alert monitors for SCOM 2019, the usual best practice for monitors is to fix the issue and then allow monitors to resolve themselves. If users decide to close the alert themselves in SCOM’s current state even when not fixed unless the monitor is manually reset by performing a ‘Health Reset’ it will not trigger. As such Microsoft have found that many alerts do not get fixed and this causes problems further down the line. In SCOM 2019 Microsoft have made it so alerts can only be closed if the health state of the monitor is healthy, otherwise it will come up with a error message as to say why it cannot be closed.

This being said I believe a work around that should still work for this is by manually resetting the health however with it being a monitor 9 times out of 10 it will occur again soon after. This is also similar on the Web Console whereby there will be an error message along the lines of ‘The current alert cannot be closed as the monitor which has generated this alert is still unhealthy’.

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