An organisation’s Human Resources solution unifies a plethora of vital people and development functions. From storing employee data to managing policies and payrolls, the Human Resources solution is designed to streamline every area of the practice. Managing all of these complex details is what has typically led to Human Resources solutions not being employee-centric, straightforward to navigate or beneficial to Human Resources staff, managers and employees alike. In a minefield of emerging Human Resources solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent provides simplicity, engagement and growth.


Take Advantage of LinkedIn Integration

More than half of Human Resources hours are spent on admin and shifting data from system to system, assimilating information from sources between LinkedIn, CVs, professional references, portfolios and candidate applications. Dynamics 365 for Talent eliminates a lot of the time spent navigating information by presenting all the relevant resources in one solution, integrated with LinkedIn services – making it the only tool of its kind fuelled by this large data store. With this LinkedIn integration, users can take full advantage of LinkedIn services during the attracting and on-boarding process, sourcing talent via LinkedIn directly as well as arranging interviews and follow-up feedback.


Start with Transparency

Attracting and sourcing talent is tricky enough in today’s competitive landscape, but complicated Human Resources solutions can make things worse. Dynamics 365 for Talent enables organisations to compete for the best candidates and hire empowered, skilled, engaged employees. Transparency throughout the interview process, from simplified interview scheduling that allows the candidate to suggest time slots and the interview team to arrange in accordance, to efficiently executing interviews and providing immediate feedback, Dynamics 365 for Talent has a portal that keeps everyone on the same page. Offers can be sent and accepted within the solution, saving time and giving organisations the visibility they need.


Gain Enhanced Talent Engagement

Wasting time, effort and budget investigating talent who aren’t suited to the role or organisation is a much too common oversight within most organisations recruitment tactics. To attract the right candidates, early experiences of an organisation need to be engaging and highlight company culture as well as giving potential talent the ability to oversee their application progress. Dynamics 365 for Talent provides all users with a seamless, central point of contact, giving each individual the information they need with ease.


Make on-boarding Engaging

Welcoming newcomers to an organisation requires more than just an office tour. To save new team members from being at a loss for contacting people or accessing tools and information, Dynamics 365 for Talent allows Human Resources teams to create on-boarding templates; making experiences simple, efficient and personal. Before new candidates have even arrived, this solution allows introductions to be made between colleagues and mentors, providing a seamlessly integrated experience. Lists of activities and tasks to be completed can also be shared before their first day, allowing them to track their progress and upload relevant information before they even step foot in the office.


Enable Employee Growth

Dynamics 365 for talent can provide a clear overview of employees’ skills; what they’re great at and where there is room for development, awarding Human Resources useful information for reviews or career-map planning. This functionality allows for easy internal recruitment using profile mapping tools to provide intelligent suggestions for the best potential candidates based on the required skills listed.


With productivity being the word of the moment, Dynamics has got you covered. This talent application empowers employees to take control of their admin, enabling focus on initiatives and programmes that align with specified organisation goal, offering intelligent insights to help take action. For managers, all their necessary Human Resources information will be stored in one interface – compensation, competency and leave – with analytics to simplify processes and optimise Human Resources procedures.


All of these functions empower self-service for every employee, regardless of role or position. With drill-down functionality, everybody can have a clearer view of the information they need. For guaranteed simplicity, efficiency and transparency, consider Dynamics 365 for Talent as your Human Resources solution.


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