Are you running out of storage?

Struggling to connect online whilst out on the road?

Technology is continuously changing, innovating and growing – which means we must try and stay on top of it to remain competitive.

Now that many organisations are now working as a flexible workforce many of you may be working out on the road, whilst travelling on the train, at home, or even at on your holidays. This means you must be able to access your documents and systems whilst you’re not at your organisations Head Quarters. The cloud enables and supports you whilst working flexibly, anywhere, any time on any device by using the internet rather than pre-set-up / downloaded applications and programmes. By using the internet and working in the cloud you are instantly enabling your business to grow and innovate as the technology does.

With the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative coming into play in many organisations, individuals really need to have that support from an IT Infrastructure that encourages them to work from mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop of any brand. The cloud allows individuals to work independently anywhere, at any time on any device – working collaboratively together without relying on the ‘virtual office’.

The cloud will increase your collaboration. Your teams and individuals will be able to work seamlessly on the same documents, sharing live edits at the same time – encouraging them to work from anywhere and on any device. The cloud shows real time updates on documents and full visibility to those it is shared with – helping people to work together more.

The cloud has had billions of dollars spent on ensuring it is the more secure and private suite there is for organisations. Security and privacy are at the heart of almost any organisation. If your organisation were to experience a security breach and you were saving sensitive information and data locally then you would be at an extremely high risk of being compromised. With sharing your data into the cloud, you can take off that worry and stress of individuals misplacing laptops or incorrectly saving the sensitive information.

One of the huge benefits to moving to the cloud is that you can move away from huge costs and expenditure. You can now use the cloud at your business and pay as you go rather than paying an all up in one sum for a year.

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