Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Fashion

From seasonal collections to the latest style trends, the fashion industry is quick-paced, complex and ever-changing. This fascinating industry needs an IT infrastructure that can keep up with the times and high tech systems that are necessary to manage so many different aspects of the fashion world.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of these high-tech systems which is flexible and adaptable enough to stand the high demands expected by this industry, it is the world’s leading customer management software; managing multiple processes, customers and channels.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can adapt to manage an accelerated life cycle of products, trends and changing customer demands. It offers a large amount of tools that can help track and report on whatever is needed. From a unique portal login to automated workflows Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the go-to tool for successful businesses.

CRM offers help in areas such as:

  • Finance and Operations
  • Retail
  • Talent
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Project Service Automation
  • Field Service
  • Marketing
  • Microsoft Social Engagement
  • Microsoft Relationship Sales

Using power platforms such as: Flow, PowerBI and PowerApps, CRM can help through a number of applications and by using AI (automated intelligence) and mixed reality it can keep your business as up-to-date and progressive as it needs to be.

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