Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Cumulative Update 11!

Microsoft have recently released the latest version of Dynamics NAV 2018, included in this are the following fixes:

  • 280915 – Inconsistent behavior from RapidStart when you try to import values to an Autoincrement field.
  • 284377 – Code in the OnValidate trigger is incorrect.
  • 284625 – “The following filed must be included into the table’s primary key: Field: User Name Table: User” error message when you manually add a user group member.
  • 286728 – Data privacy is missing from a C5 license.
  • 281799 – “Exception from HRESULT” error message when you try to export a budget with dimensions which do not have dimension values.
  • 283132 – It is not possible to filter the entries by Global Dimensions reported in the Aged Account Receivable report.
  • 283206 – The Direct Debit Collection cannot be used together with a CAMT import.
  • 283359 – Lay-out of Aged Accounts Payable report is not as readable as the lay-out of Aged Accounts Receivables report.
  • 283670 – “Incoming Statement is not possible. Existing Options: Income Statement, Balance Sheet” error message if you try to use the G/L account balance budget by the Period function on the Budget page by using a local language.
  • 284151 – The Dynamics NAV/Business Central Blank Accts Auto-populating fields in Setups and Batches when you rename an account.
  • 284490 – “A call to System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse failed” error message when you perform an OCR synchronization.
  • 284535 – The Difference field on the Payment Reconciliation Journal page is incorrectly calculated.
  • 284836 – If you run the Acc. Sched. KPI WS Dimensions page with an account schedule which contains a comparison period date formula in a local language, the values are incorrect.

To view the full list of fixes click here.

To download the CU click here.

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