Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Cumulative Update 24!

Microsoft have recently released the 24th CU for Dynamics NAV 2017, included in this CU is the following fixes:

  • 275682 – It is not able to refresh record after manual selection of CRM records.
  • 275807 – The Process Service Email Queue function ends in an error message.
  • 275833 – When a purchase order is approved, a second approval is required when you try to post the warehouse receipt.
  • 277005- Attachments cannot be opened when you use Email logging in combination with Exchange Server 2016.
  • 277687 – When you import vendors through RapidStart, a contact number is created for the vendor but no other fields such as the Name field.
  • 274504 – The Apply Automatically function does not work consistently.
  • 276974 – “0 orders out of a total of 1 have now been posted” error message when you post a service order through a Batch Post Service Orders batch job with the Replace Posting Date option to an allowed posting date.
  • 277247 – If you reorder the general journal lines, there are several scenarios where the test report gets a warning message.
  • 277260 – Poor performance when you post a general journal after the upgrade.
  • 277569 – The Payment Disc. Tolerance field is not considered on the Posting Preview page when the Posting Preview page is called from the Apply page.
  • 277756 – “The application was successfully posted” message is displayed incorrectly in an apply process with the Payment Disc. Tolerance option.
  • 277850 – The VAT Registration No. field is missing in VAT entries that are created at issuing reminders.
  • 278197 – The Payment Discount field is 0 after you delete the document date and re-enter the document date on the Sales Order page.
  • 278790 – The External doc no. field is not filled in on the Cash receipt journal page when you select an Apply-to doc. number.
  • 279067 – The Job Cost FactBox on the Job Details page is running extremely slowly when the system has many job ledger entries and job planning lines.
  • 277108 – The Production BOM Version Code and Routing Version Code columns on the Prod. Order Line page are not based on the starting date-time on the Production Order header.
  • 274511 – The Send action that exists on the Purchase Order page and Purchase Order List page does not exist on the Purchase Quote and Purchase Quotes pages.
  • 277342 – The Creditor No. field on the Vendor page does not accept values with characters.
  • 277841 – The shipping method code in a purchase order comes with the pay-to vendor where it should be from the buy-from vendor.
  • 278343 – The Purchase Return Shipment report does not print the ship-to address but the pay-to address.
  • 278667 – When you change the Expected Receipt Date field on a purchase order line backwards a couple of days, the system immediately changes it to +3D ahead of the entered date.
  • 276102 – Some characters are not displayed correctly in the Customer – Labels report.
  • 277196 – “Another user has modified the record for this Sales Line after you retrieved it from the database” error message if you try to modify a sales order line with extended text.
  • 277681 – Duplicate DEU captions in table fields can cause an unexpected error when you release a sales order if you have a workflow enabled.
  • 277746 – The invoice discount is on a posted sales invoice incorrectly after partial invoicing of a sales order.
  • 278112 – The Allow Document Deletion Before field in the Sales & Receivables Setup table can be blank by mistake.
  • 278157 – “An attempt was made to change an old version of a Customer record” error message when you change a contact name from a customer card.
  • 278165 – Item charge line with a negative quantity in credit memo creates value entry with negative sign in the Sales Amount (Actual) and Valued Quantity fields for item using item tracking code.
  • 279173 – VAT clauses are not printed by using the Word layout for the Standard Sales – Invoice report.
  • 280248 – Item charge line with a negative quantity in credit memo creates value entry with negative sign in the Sales Amount (Actual) and Valued Quantity fields for item using item tracking code.
  • 279486 – Final invoiced sales amount does not match the prepayment invoice when sales taxes are included in the North American version.
  • 277612 – Put-Aways are being created for incorrect lot numbers when you create them from a posted warehouse receipt, after two posted warehouse receipt exist for a same item with 2 different lot numbers with inverse quantities that are already put away.
  • 279022 – “Qty. to Handle (Base) in Tracking Specification for Item No. X, Serial No.: , Lot No.: Y is currently A. It must be B” error message when you post a warehouse shipment with the Item Tracking option.

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