Feedback Option on Threats in Azure Security Centre!

Microsoft have recently released a feedback option for when threats are detected on user machines/servers. Microsoft is always constantly collecting new data to analyse for threats using their Machine Learning algorithms. From these algorithms it can detect and send security lists to the company admins organised via highest priority first, additionally this shows admins actions they can take to remediate the alerts.

To help continue to meet customer needs and continue to improve their threat detection capabilities Microsoft have released ‘Alerts Customer Feedback’ into the Azure Security Centre. As you can guess this gives customers the ability to give feedback on detected alerts under the ‘was this useful?’ If the alert detection was useful you can simply click ‘yes’ and then ‘submit’ however if it wasn’t you then have the option to choose a reason why the alert wasn’t useful from a dropdown. Additionally there is an option to submit written feedback after the first two questions.

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