What happened at risual:NXT?

As you may know, risual host a risual summit twice a year every year. The day consists of the entire organisation who are all scattered around the UK to come together for one whole day of updates and exciting activities.

Usually the structure of the day consists of company and team updates, followed by an activity in the afternoon. Since then the risual Summit has gone through a rebrand and is now called risual:NXT (you may have heard of this as we now offer this out to the public to attend once a year).

Of course, it isn’t just the name that has changed, the structure of the day is now focussed on the organisation having a learn it all attitude, growth mindset and a be the difference personality – it is all about self-improvement and development.

Last Friday the #risualFam kicked off the day in style with multiple Q&A panels, allowing a larger amount of people in the organisation to get involved and have their say. Co-founder and Director Alun Rogers discussed what customers want with the risual PR and Communications Executive Mollie Sutton, and then moved onto a question and answer session with Sales Director John Pittaway highlighting how we can represent ourselves into Microsoft and covered Microsoft Azure Consumption.

Shortly after, Co-Founder and Director Richard Proud presented on #BeTheDifference and #BeP.R.O.U.D along with getting the audience motivated by doing the legendary Iceland Thunder Clap. To close the session, Rich did a quick Q&A session with Finance Officer Tanya-Marie O’Brien and PMO Lead Philippa Yates to see what they enjoy about working at risual.

To keep up with the very popular and highly spoken theme of being a #LearnItAll (I’m not joking, check out our social media it’s all we talk about) we ran 6 very engaging sessions to finish off the morning:

  • Hacking risual – Kate Lincoln (Operations Director)
  • SFIA – Alun Rogers (Director and Co-Founder) and Kate Lincoln (Operations Director)
  • Data – David Brass (Principal Consultant)
  • Dynamics – Abby Williams (Business Analyst)
  • Delighting Customers – John Pittaway (Sales Director)
  • Customer Stories – John Pittaway (Sales Director)

In the afternoon of the day 130+ of the #risualFam headed over to a local canal supporting the community and bring the old canal and area back to life. The team got stuck in to the set tasks and spent their time shovelling, cementing, laying bricks, rebuilding, chopping trees, clearing up the area and much more. It was great to see how much the team accomplished in just a short afternoon.

To end the day in true risual manner, Jenga, Rounders and Swingball were all set up for some friendly competition.

Go check out our Facebook page to see some pictures from the day.  

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