Shortlisted for the UK IT Industry Awards 2018

We are very proud to announce we have two very wonderful individuals at risual Ltd who have been shortlisted for this year’s UK IT Industry Awards.


Nick Gee [Support Engineer] has been shortlisted for the IT Service and Support Professional of the Year for his outstanding commitment, learning attitude and approach with the organisation.
MCSE and ITIL certified Service Desk & Incident Management Team Leader with a proven track record of the delivery of managed services to customers across multiple sectors. Nick has a vast experience working with the Service Delivery team transitioning customers into risual Managed Services in line with our ITIL aligned, ISO20000 certified processes, ranging from on-premises to the cloud across multiple services (IAAS, PAAS, SAAS). Working at risual for three years and still continues to excel in many areas. He is a very valued member of the organisation and has also been led to believe that he might be the “IT Genius”, the man with all the exams, the technical knowledge, and the drive and passion to constantly improve. Since starting his apprenticeship, Nick has always stood out from the crowd due to his work ethic and persistence to continue to grow as an individual – which is such a delight to watch. He has been able to learn from his team lead and also work with his co-workers to teach, develop and grow them as individuals too. Putting the customer first always, he is able to create new ways of working every day, ensuring that the customers on the other end of the phone are constantly happy with their risual and Managed Services experience. Nick is an exemplar employee to the organisation and has always shown an absolutely outstanding work ethic and exceeded above and beyond work expectations. Also topping the cases statistics within his first month at risual, closing off over 100 tickets – since then has continued to keep the bar high, setting an example for other apprentices and employees. He has continued his momentum and closed the most cases in any calendar month since the inception of the Managed Services division, totalling over 300 tickets which is a record that he still holds today. Not only does he show an appetite for learning alongside his commitment toward the organisation, he continues to offer risual more than expected but also has a passion for watching his employees also grow and develop.


Charlie Lennon [Support Engineer] has been shortlisted for the IT Apprentice of the Year at the UK IT Industry Awards 2018.
A unique individual, who is very passionate about the IT and Microsoft world along with constantly showing a real appetite for learning. Kick starting his career as a very shy and quiet person who was lacking in confidence to build relationships with customers and take lead on fix cases. Two years later, Charlie has excelled in his career considerably, now able to take full control of internal and external calls, including presentations and customer calls. He promotes risual in a good light and has played a part in getting exposure for the company through his blogs – one of his top was published by Microsoft’s Azure Weekly Twitter feed. Since more blogs have been published we have seen a 25% rise in the number of hits to our risual website. The outstanding commitment to working out of work hours shows he is voluntarily staying later than 6pm – helping and encouraging himself to learn new technologies at a far faster pace than just working his normal 9-5hours. The transformation we have seen as an organisation in Charlie’s confidence and work ethic has been phenomenal and to be involved in watching him develop as an individual and a valued employee has also shown great impact across the organisation.


Congratulations to both Nick and Charlie for everything they have achieved and the development and growth they have done along their journeys. It is a truly wonderful achievement to be shortlisted and it really does acknowledge everything they have achieved and given back to the industry.


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