Immutable Storage For Azure Storage Blobs Now Generally Available!

Just a few days ago Microsoft released Immutable Storage to address issues with legal/financial businesses in order to help preserve information. This has been released to all regions and is configurable through policies, this allows users to keep Azure blob storage data in an ‘immutable’ stage which means blobs can be created and read but not modified or deleted.

Some of the most common applications of this include:

  • Regulatory Compliance – Immutable Storage is designed to help financial companies and related industries address the technical whitepaper with details on how the feature addresses the regulatory requirements you can click here.
  • Secure document retention – Users will receive maximum levels of document protection as this feature ensures that data is unable to be modified or deleted by any users including users with admin privileges.
  • Legal hold – Immutable storage enables users to store sensitive and critical information in a better protected tamper-proof state.

Immutable Storage enables the following:

  • Time-based retention policy support
  • Legal hold policy support
  • Support for all Blob tiers
  • Blob Container level configuration

For more information on this feature click here.

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