Azure Security Centre Update (August 2018)!

Microsoft have just released the latest version of the Azure Security Centre, included in this update is the following features:

Welcome experience

The new Security Centre helps find relevant trial subscriptions to get the most out of the 60-day free trial.

Confidence score

The Security Centre helps prioritise which alerts need investigating and the priority in which the alerts need looking into. This is achieved by using industry best practices, intelligent algorithms and processes that are used by analysts to determine if a threat is legitimate.

Data security and Network security blades

The Data security and Network security blades have been updated to sync with other resources in the Security hygiene blades. The new Data security blade provides separate tabs for SQL storage account resources. Networking recommendations are on the Overview tab.

Management groups and security policy management

The Security Centre security policies are now integrated with Azure Policy. This enables admins to set security policies per management group over multiple subscriptions.

Event data collection

Only for new customers, by default the security event data collection tier is set to None and raw security data is not enabled. This does not however affect recommendations based on the events.

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