Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Cumulative Update 8!

Microsoft have released the 8th update for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018. Included in this update are the following hotfixes:

  • 268419 – “The value for the WSFederationLoginEndpoint configuration settings cannot be empty” error message when you export data to Excel.
  • 271786 – Incorrect field shows as default when you select the Go to Other Page option from the Items list page.
  • 272188 – Saved settings cannot be overwritten.
  • 272272 – The Import-NavData cmdlet generates a huge database when you use SQL Server 2016 compared to an earlier version of SQL Server.
  • 272828 – Cursor loses focus when you filter data items by using Internet Explorer, while other browsers work well.
  • 273418 – “Data at the root level is invalid” error message when you preview a report in the Web client.
  • 273437 – Field lookup issue in the Phone client.
  • 274219 – Horizontal scroll is not possible in iOS.
  • 274340- Conversion of OemText to text fails within an extension.
  • 274926 – The OperationalSyncPending status is retained every time when a table is compiled within CSIDE.
  • 275173 – Source code downloading is disabled when the ShowMyCode flag is set to false.

To download this CU click here.

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