Hi all,

We came across an issue after installing the July 2018 Windows updates on the servers in our test environment. After patching and rebooting our DHCP servers that we use for client machines, we found that our test clients would keep losing network access on a daily basis, usually around the same time everyday. A manual disconnect and reconnect on the network card was required in order to get the clients back online and working.

On our test clients we were frequently seeing the below error in the DHCP client event log:

The specific update which caused this issue was the July 10th update. Below are the relevant KB numbers depending on which OS or build you have:

Windows 10 (1803) – KB4338819
Windows 10 (1709) – KB4338825
Windows 10 (1703) – KB4338826
Windows 10 (1607) – KB4338814
Windows Server 2016 – KB4338814

This issue was resolved by Microsoft in the July 16th update and confirmed in our test environment. Again, below are the relevant KB numbers depending on which OS build you have:

Windows 10 (1803) – KB4345421
Windows 10 (1709) – KB4345420
Windows 10 (1703) – KB4345419
Windows 10 (1607) – KB4345418
Windows Server 2016 – KB4345418

Hope that helps 🙂

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