Azure Management Groups now Generally Available!

Microsoft have just announced the general availability of Azure management groups for all customers. These groups allow companies to organise and control subscriptions as well as apply governance such as Azure Policy and Role-Based Access Controls to management groups. All subscriptions within a management group automatically inherit the controls applied to the management group.

Contained in this release Microsoft have made it so customers can group subscriptions together so that policies can be applied to multiple subscriptions. Management groups also allow companies to group together multiple management groups to multiple subscriptions with one assignment, which can also be used to form a hierarchy.

By creating hierarchy’s administrators can apply a policy to enable internal compliance and security policies. The policy will then inherit onto multiple EA subscriptions under the same management group and will apply to all the VM’s  in that group. By using management groups it can reduce the workload and reduce errors by avoiding duplicate assignments. Instead of applying multiple assignments across resources and subscriptions all it now takes is one assignment and one management group.

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