Workplace Analytics Feature Releases July 2018!

Microsoft’s Workplace Analytics team has been working on new features for July’s update, included in this update is:

  • Meeting-organiser attributes available to query output
  • Redesign of chart settings panel

What is meeting-organiser attributes in query output?

As mentioned in the previous update blog Workplace Analytics added the availability to filter on the meeting-organiser attributes by default in meeting query results. When an analysist study’s meeting content they can perform offline analysis on data  that includes meeting-organiser metrics. As a part of the meeting query output, Workspace Analytics exports all available organisational attributes that the customer has provided to Workplace Analytics during their data upload process. They will then see in the output file all exported organiser attributes have column names that have the prefix ‘Organizer_’.

How to see meeting-organiser attributes in query results!

This is done in 6 easy steps:

  1. Open the Queries page in Workplace Analytics.
  2. Select ‘Meeting’, this will open the Meeting query page.
  3. In the ‘Filters’ section select ‘Organiser’.
  4. Select ‘Run’.
  5. After the query completes view the results.
  6. In the results view results in column names that start ‘Organiser_’.

How to open chart settings panel!

  1. Open the Explore page in Workplace Analytics.
  2. On the right side of the page, view the page settings section.
  3. Select  date range by clicking the down arrow next to ‘Date range’.
  4. In order to select grouping or filtering options select the down arrow next to ‘Measured employees’.

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