Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17713 Announced!

If you are a part of the Windows 10 insider group then you will definitely be excited with the latest changes/improvements! Without further ado lets talk about the latest changes.

What’s new in the insider build 17713?

Microsoft Edge Improvements

Per-site media auto play controls – Users can now adjust the auto play permissions for a per-site bases using the website permission setting under the manage permissions option.

Looking up definitions for words in Reading View, Books and PDF’s – Microsoft have added a dictionary function that allows users to look up definitions for specific words. To trigger this all users need to do is highlight a word and the definition automatically appears above. This feature also gives the option of reading the word out loud and the option to expand the details of the definition, this feature can also be turned off simply under the ‘general’ tab.

Edge PDF improvements

Improved toolbar options – The toolbar now shows text descriptions for the icons allowing easier understanding by users. Another new option is ‘add notes’ which is available along with many others.

Pin/unpin PDF toolbar – The toolbar can now be pinned at the top off a document allowing easier access to the tools no matter where you are in the document. Likewise this can be unpinned to allow a more immersive reading experience, simply hover over it again to make it reappear.

Rendering improvements – Microsoft have included rendering performance improvements as well as performance fixes, this means users will see a lot less of white pages when navigating through PDF’s.

Notepad Improvements

Wrap-around find/replace –  Big improvements have been made to this feature, there is now an option to ‘wrap-around’ find/replace to find the text and automatically populate it the next time users open it.

Text zooming – There is now an option to zoom in and out under ‘view > zoom’, this is visible in the status bar.

Line numbers with word-wrap – Personally this is one is my favourite update and has been requested by many people for such a long time. Microsoft now display the line and column number when using the word wrap feature, however of course this can still be turned off.

Remote Desktop Biometrics

To use this feature you need to ensure Windows Hello for Business, Windows will remember how users have signed in and automatically select Windows Hello for Business for authentication. If you would like to authenticate a different way then you can simply click ‘more choices’.

Web sign in-to Windows 10

Until now Windows logon only supported identities federated to ADFS, this feature has been introduced to counteract this to allow signing in with non-ADFS federated providers .

Windows Defender Application Guard Improvements

These improvements include a new user interface inside Windows Security. Standalone users can now install and configure their Windows Defender Application Guard settings in Windows Security while no longer needing to edit registry keys. Additionally users who use enterprise policies can now check their settings managed by their administrators. Included in this is ‘Isolated browsing’, this means that if a user opens Edge in an isolated environment to help further prevent threats to devices.

To obtain this release you will need to be a part of the fast ring in the insiders build program.

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