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Azure Stream Analysis is built for running real-time analytics on fast streams of moving data. A large number of customers use Power BI for real-time dynamic dashboarding. One of the main focuses Power BI delivers. Power BI Embedded is now available, check it out below in more detail.

Power BI Embedded make ISVs simplified, this means developers can add reports, incredible visuals and the dashboards to their apps. This will speed up the process which makes it easier to navigate data exploring in their app. ISVs make the customers decisions quick and informed in context. With a speed advantage it creates competitive difference for all parties. Power BI Embedded also allows users to be able to work with Visual Studio and Azure to develop this.

Power BI with Azure Stream Analytics allows simplified access for customers to their insights for their apps they use on a daily basis. By streaming data, they can visualize insights. Power BI Embedded also allows them to embed dashboards in real time via their organization’s web apps.

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