How to use the Marketing function in CRM

Imagine if there was a tool designed to keep you and your business organised. Something to store all of your leads, opportunities, campaigns and more.

Well, there is. Microsoft have designed a tool called CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which is the perfect tool for managing relationships, interactions and keeping organised.

As risual is an ever growing and innovative organisation, it is key to find a tool which supports risual along that journey. Working in any department in an organisation will always require for you to store relevant information in safe places, be organised, manage data and much more. CRM offers the right tools in one place allowing any marketing department to manage all its contacts and create and distribute marketing communications.

One of the reasons risual Marketing uses CRM is to store new leads, send them through the nature process, and track them throughout. By tracking them in CRM it allows us Marketing to target the lead/opportunity with various marketing activity such as, telemarketing, mailing lists, event invites and more. By doing this Marketing are able to tailor its content and watch the lead grow.

CRM has really managed to bring the Sales and Marketing department closer as they share the same insights to leads and track them throughout the nurture process. CRM is a great management tool for campaigns, providing users with the opportunity to assign their stored leads and opportunities to the relevant campaign – ensuring for a more detailed and specific data result.

If you’re looking to expand your Marketing team and see a bigger ROI within your organisation, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be able to help you – supporting you along a journey to grow and innovate, get intouch with us to find out more.

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