Cumulative Update July 2018 For SharePoint Server 2016!

July 2018 Cumulative Update for SharePoint Server 2018 has been released!

The CU includes the following fixes:

  • You can now add a site column that’s based on an external list to a custom list.


  • You experience an error when you use the External Content type-based site column. In this situation, you cannot add a site column that is based on an external list to a list. After you install this update, you must remove the site column, and then add the site column again.


  • The SuppressModernAuthForOfficeClients property does not work for Outlook calendar synchronization. In this situation, the calendar does not synchronize with SharePoint Server. This issue occurs because SharePoint Server issues a modern authentication to on-premises Outlook clients. After you install this update, SharePoint Server will no longer issue a modern authentication to the clients.


  • A user whose name contains a comma cannot be resolved in the Quick Edit menu in SharePoint Server 2016.


  • A farm administrator whose name contains a period can’t upgrade SharePoint Apps.


  • When a farm administrator creates a search service application by using PowerShell, the database owner of the search service application database is the farm administrator and not the farm account that is used to run the timer service. The database owner of all databases should be the farm account. This update changes the owner of search-related databases to be the farm account.

For more details on the CU please click here.

You can download the CU here.

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