Recently we had a request from a customer to create a new view in a SharePoint 2007 which only contained items that were added in the current month. This was due to the list having over 8000 items, which was causing it to perform slowly.

The first thing to do is to create two new columns in the list. One which calculates the start of the month, and another which calculates the end of the month. When creating these, make sure that they are created as date and time columns.

For the start of the month column, use the below formula.

DATE(YEAR([Date]), MONTH([Date]), 1)

Replace “date” with the name of the column that you are using to track the date/time of the item.

For the end of the month column, use the below formula.

DATE(YEAR([Due Date]), MONTH([Due Date])+1,1)-1

Once the columns have been created, make sure they’re not being displayed in the list. Finally, when creating the view, make sure to set up the filter like this.

Hope this helps! 🙂

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