The New Way to Manage Roles and Administrators in Azure AD!

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Microsoft have just released a new roles and administrators experience for Azure AD! This makes it easier for customers to manage and control user assignments in Azure AD. This feature also now shows a complete list/description of the built in directory roles. Microsoft have also included documentation to help utilise the roles.

Overview of the roles and administrator experience

If you simply click the ‘Roles and administrators’ option you will see a screen that shows a complete list and brief description of the roles. It is also possible for the person viewing the page to see their own specific assigned roles. Additionally Microsoft have improved the profile experience so its possible to see all roles assigned to a user e.g. global administrator and limited administrator. To learn more about assigning roles and read a full description of administrator roles in Azure AD click here.

Microsoft have also included support for privileged role administrators and global administrators. If you are either of the two you can add or remove members as well as modify the filter to see only guest members or service principal objects. Privileged role administrators can manage both permeant and eligible assignments.

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