Azure Advisor is a free service that analyses Azure usage and uses that data to provide recommendations on how to optimise Azure resources to reduce costs, boost performance and improve reliability.

Buy Reserved Instances to save over pay-as-you-go costs

Azure Reserved Instances were created to allow users to reserve virtual machines in advance on a one to three year term which saves up to 80% vs pay as you go rates. Reserved Instances are best for consistent traffic.

Azure Advisor analyses the last 30 days of VM usage and recommend purchasing when it may lead to reduced costs. Additionally this will show the regions and VM sizes where customers could potentially be saving money by changing to them.

Create Azure Service Health alerts

Service Health alerts can be created for any region or service so that customers can stay informed via the Azure portal, email, text message or webhook notification when critical resources could be impacted.

Configure Traffic Manager profiles for optimal performance and availability

This feature allows customers to control the distribution of traffic for service endpoints in different datacentres and optimise performance and capability. Azure Advisor has added new recommendations to solve common configuration issues with Traffic Manager profiles.

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