Microsoft have released the latest version (Cumulative Update package 10) for SQL Server 2016 SP1.

This CU contains many hotfixes such as:

  • 4339858 – FIX: Parallel redo does not work after you disable Trace Flag 3459 in an instance of SQL Server
  • 4340986 – FIX: Access violation in cross data center failover if you use Always On Availability Groups in SQL Server
  • 4341221 – FIX: VSS backup fails in secondary replica of Basic Availability Groups in SQL Server 2016
  • 4341398 – FIX: Event notifications for AUDIT_LOGIN and AUDIT_LOGIN_FAILED events will cause an unusual growth of TempDB in SQL Server 2016
  • 4294660 – FIX: SSAS stops responding when you run MDX queries and DirectQuery mode is enabled in SQL Server
  • 4340426 – FIX: The Excel Add-in still appears on the MDS home page when the option is set to “No” in MDS Configuration Manager
  • 4340746 – FIX: No records are returned when you run an MDX query after restarting SSAS 2016
  • 4340837 – FIX: Error 3906 when a hotfix is applied on a SQL Server that has a database snapshot on a pull subscription database
  • 4316858 – FIX: “Corrupted index” message and server disconnection when an update statistics query uses hash aggregate on SQL Server
  • 4338960 – FIX: “PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA” Stop error when enumerating contents in a SQL Server FileTable directory
  • 4338040 – FIX: Rectangle does not grow vertically together with internal Textbox in the report in SSRS 2016 when you set rc:Toolbar=False
  • 4338576 – FIX: Transaction delays on the primary replica if database synchronization is reported incorrectly on a secondary replica in SQL Server
  • 4340342 – FIX: Query on a secondary replica takes two times as long to run as on a primary replica in SQL Server
  • 4340730 – FIX: Assertion error occurs when you add a database to an instance of SQL Server 2016
  • 4338761 – FIX: SQL Server may generate EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION dump file when you merge two partitions of system-versioned temporal tables in SQL Server 2016
  • 4339447 – FIX: SSAS crashes when Process Full is executed after Process Clear in SQL Server 2016
  • 4099919 – Transparent Data Encryption added for Log Shipping in SQL Server 2016 and 2017
  • 4090004 – Improvement: Configure SESSION_TIMEOUT value for a Distributed Availability Group replica in SQL Server 2016 and 2017
  • 4100582 – FIX: Leakage of sensitive data occurs when you enable DDM function in SQL Server 2016 and 2017
  • 4341356 – Improvement that sets distributed Always On Availability Groups to automatically seed to all replicas when you add a new database in SQL Server
  • 4338746 – FIX: Error 19432 when you use Always On Availability Groups in SQL Server

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