Microsoft have announced the latest release (Update Package 9) for SQL Server 2017.

The following hotfixes included in this update are:

  • 4340069 – FIX: SQL Server 2017 on Linux shuts down unexpectedly during the recovery of an In-Memory OLTP database
  • 4340134 – FIX: Error when a role that is defined with a restricted column is used to run a drillthrough query in SSAS
  • 4340747 – FIX: SQLDUMPER.EXE initiated dumps may take a long time to complete dump generation process for SQL Server 2017 on Linux
  • 4010460 – FIX: A .NET Framework error occurred when you update the reference table of a Fuzzy Lookup transformation in SSIS
  • 4339613 – FIX: “Unclosed quotation mark after the character string” error occurs on the MDS explorer when you try to add a new member to an entity in SQL Server
  • 4338890 – FIX: An instance of SQL Server may appear unresponsive then a “Non-yielding Scheduler” error may occur in SQL Server 2016
  • 4316858 – FIX: “Corrupted index” message and server disconnection when an update statistics query uses hash aggregate on SQL Server
  • 4341219 – FIX: A split brain scenario occurs after a failover when using AlwaysOn availability groups with external cluster technology in SQL Server 2017
  • 4340837 – FIX: Error 3906 when a hotfix is applied on a SQL Server that has a database snapshot on a pull subscription database
  • 4133164 – FIX: Error when a SQL Server Agent job runs a PowerShell command to enumerate permissions of the database
  • 4339664 – FIX: Exception error occurs when you try to refresh data for a pivot table in Excel in SSAS 2017
  • 4340742 – FIX: Access to SSAS by using HTTP fails in SQL Server
  • 4341264 Improvement: Allow SQL Server Agent jobs to start without waiting for all databases to get recovered in SQL Server 2017 on Linux
  • 4101502 – FIX: TDE enabled database backup with compression causes database corruption in SQL Server
  • 4134601 – FIX: “Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClientUI” error when a “Process Full” operation is run in SQL Server
  • 4341221 – FIX: VSS backup fails in secondary replica of Basic Availability Groups in SQL Server 2016 and 2017
  • 4339858 – FIX: Parallel redo does not work after you disable Trace Flag 3459 in an instance of SQL Server
  • 4341253 – FIX: DMVs sys.dm_db_log_stats and sys.dm_db_log_info may return incorrect values for the last database of the SQL Server 2016 instance

For more details on the CU click here.

To download the CU click here.