To ensure customers SharePoint content reaches the correct audience Microsoft have announced the system of tagging SharePoint pages with properties to describe them. This also allows custom pages library columns to filter and target pages to further help content reach the intended audience.

To adjust this simply edit the settings using the page details edit pane. From here you need to create custom columns within the pages library of the site, now the option to filter and organise pages by using metadata using web parts like highlighted content and news. To add a new custom property to a page, create a column for that property in the pages library. The column will then store the property which is then available in the page details edit pane for every page in that site. Simply go into edit mode click page details to open the edit pane option, as an author it is possible to add/edit values of any metadata columns which exist in the pages library!

Use highlighted content and news to better target SharePoint pages

It is now possible to use the properties set for individual pages to organise and group them more efficiently. While editing highlighted content/news web part change the source to ‘the page library on this site’ this will bring up page properties as a filter option. Set these parameters and the pages should dynamically display as intended.

Display page metadata for readers to see

Some of the metadata can be exposed directly onto the page via using ‘page properties’ to provide more context for readers. Add the page properties web part onto the page, from here add the page properties that is wanted to be displayed. The customer however is in control of which specific information is displayed across different pages. the web part supports managed metadata columns which can be typed in manually or by clicking the tag icon to select from available terms.