Changing the world we live in.

Something new is being discovered, changing and bettering us in our everyday lives. The Surface Hub 2 fulfils that! With its elegant design and nature to look and feel like the modern world, it really gives a spark in every business. This simple but complex structure can bring the world, teams and colleges together, to exchange design, skills and talent.


The Surface Hub 2 is affordable, agile and beautiful. With its 4K+ 50.5 Inch multi-touch display. Making sure it supports Microsoft Teams, Whiteboard, Office 365, Windows 10 and the cloud. The Hub also includes a 4K camera that rotates with the device, perfect sound speakers and a mic with far field. With the 3×2 aspect it gives the device a new unique feel.


The Hub 2 is perfect for any space in any place. You can tile up to four screens or if you have smaller space, just use the one. The element of being able to rotate allows you to move the device to suit you, not you working with the device. The team has teamed up with a company called Steelcase to create rolling stands and mounts to allow users to be able to gain what they want from the Hub 2.


The best feature about the Surface Hub 2 has to be the tiling, being able to extend the display four times. This makes the product a great learning and presentation device being able to broadcast over 4 screens all doing different processes and allowing to show a widescreen of videos and images. It becomes perfect for the meeting presentation rooms. With the wide screens and mulita displays it gives people a real chance to express ideas and create collaboration in groups.

The Surface Hub 2 is the future.

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