Cumulative Update 20 has just been released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017!

The following hotfixes are included in this CU:

  • 218167 – Incorrect link in the New-NAVCRMTable cmdlet help for the ConnectionString parameter.
  • 265561 – If you use the lookup function for the Source No. Filter field on the Purchase Analysis Matrix page, the table relation does not match the Source Type Filter field.
  • 268826 – The ShowAsTree property does not show the toggle control to expand or collapse record if it is bounded to an invisible control.
  • 269019 – The New action is missing when you look up into list pages with the Tablet client.
  • 269038 – Table relation validation check is wrongly applied when you create new records in a lookup table.
  • 269157 – Selected company specific customizations are lost when you use the Customize Navigation Pane function.
  • 269162 – “Unable to get property ‘set_visible’ of undefined or null reference” error message when you add a column.
  • 269369 – A multiline control in View mode will only show 3 lines of contents in the Web client, which requires the user to scroll to see more lines.
  • 269703 – Automatic deployment of .NET Add-ins does not work if there are different versions of the same DLL.
  • 269936 – The new session cannot support GUIDALLOWED when you open and refresh a Dynamics NAV Excel Add-in spreadsheet that opens a Windows client session in Dynamics NAV.
  • 270192 – Companies list is not displayed in any specific user-friendly sort order.
  • 271059 – Importing a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales solution fails with an incorrect assembly version.
  • 271495 – Preview of a custom RDLC report layout is very slow.
  • 272082 – Bad refresh behavior in the Web client when you enter more than 15 lines.
  • 273045 – Keyboard shortcuts F3 and Ctrl+F3 do not work when you use the Dynamics NAV Windows client in Windows 10.
  • 273096 – The client crashes if a record link has a blank URL.
  • 273239 – The client crashes when you delete an empty line.

For more details on the CU please click here.

You can download the CU by clicking here.