Organisations are being driven to take on the digital transformation path for a number of reasons, primarily to increase the efficiencies of the services offered to the public and its associated partners. At the same time, organisations must strive to broaden the choices by which these services can be accessed including in many parts self-service.

If your company have already migrated to the cloud, then it might be the right time for you to begin looking at optimising it to its full potential. risual are experts in Microsoft and have been working with Azure for the past 13 years.

risual recognised that the costs the company were spending around Azure were quite high, but it was not clear where this money was being spent, why and what the benefits were for it. The risual Managed Services department worked on the problem and developed an internal solution called Azure Optimisation which risual can use to solve the issues it was originally experiencing. Azure Optimisation allowed risual to understand its own costs and consumption in Azure and provide wonderful insights by using Power BI.

After the company had seen many benefits from working with the Azure Optimisation solution, the risual Managed Services department decided to roll it out to other businesses, giving them the opportunity to Optimise their services and experience the value too.

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