OneDrive – Known Folder Move

A new feature was announced recently for OneDrive, Known Folder Move.

Known Folder Move (KFM) allows the ability for known folders (Document, Desktop and Pictures) to be synchronised to OneDrive with the click of a button. The feature is currently being rolled out to Targeted Release customers now and will be generally available by the end of July.

The option to configure KDM in the client will appear in the OneDrive settings under Auto Save. Admins can enable KFM for users by using Group Policy, the choice can be made to prompt users to start the protection of the folders or to configure it silently. Group Policy can also enforce KFM to prevent users from removing the sync manually.

What we do know:

  • KFM will target he Desktop, Documents and Photos folders in the user’s profile
  • GPO can be used to automate this feature for end users
  • KFM settings will be integrated in to Intune later this year
  • KFM works with Windows 7 and later OS

What we don’t know:

  • How KFM will work when folder redirection is already in place via GPO
  • What synchronisation technology will be used if the user accesses their OneDrive from multiple clients (Files on Demand etc)

More details will be released once KFM is fully rolled out and I’m looking forward to trying this new feature out with customers to, potentially, ease the pain of migrating local profile data to OneDrive.

Announcement post for KFM from Microsoft can be found here.

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