New Azure Security Centre Dashboard!

What is Azure Security Centre?

Azure Security Centre provides security management and threat protection across hybrid workloads. The Azure Security Centre allows customers to apply security policies across their workloads and limit the exposure to threats as well as detecting and responding to attack attempts.

What are the benefits of using Azure Security Centre?

  • Completely centralised policy management –  Customers can ensure full compliance by centrally managing security policies across hybrid networks.
  • 24/7 security assessment – The centre provides a continuous security assessment that allows you to monitor the security ofyour machines, networks, storage and data services. Additionally applications are also monitored for potential security issues.
  • Security recommendations that can be actioned – Customers can remediate security vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them using the security alert recommendations that the centre provides.
  • Prioritised alerts and incidents – The security centre sorts out the alerts by how critical/how much of a threat they are.
  • Cloud defences – Customers can reduce threats with just in time access to management ports and adaptive application controls running on customers VMs.
  • Integrated security solutions – Customers can collect and analyse security data from a wide range of sources including partner solutions.


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