Data and a Very Stretched Analogy

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Data is to business what Politics is to undergraduates, deeply important and probably best left to the experts.

I raise this point because whether you work in Human Resources, the C-Suite or drive transformation in IT, using clear Business Intelligence driven by quality data management will unlock greater productivity*.  However, Data, much like politics (yes I intend to keep the analogy going), means nothing without a framework to hang it on.

Would the following surprise readers of this blog to learn that:

  • 70% of organisations identify Cloud technology as necessary for their analytics strategy
  • 50% of senior Executives identified Cloud BI as critical
  • 23% of organisations see enhancing business processes as their key reason to adopt Cloud technology

But none of these means anything unless we ask, ‘So what?’ – so what is the data telling me and why should I care?  If you aren’t interrogating it correctly data remains as uninformed as if we hadn’t started the process in the first place.

The real value of BI lies in how questions are asked and how outcomes are acted upon to drive change of tangible value. Without this, data remains useless.

Properly deployed BI requires the following

  • Volume and quality of data
  • Willingness to identify problems
  • Lateral thinking to interrogate data and decide strategy
  • Investment across the business to unlock real value as everyone feeds in and receives information

But most critically, it requires the Data to be analysed and built around a framework that delivers the outcomes you need.

So how do I make sure I’m asking the right question?

Well, dear readers, the answer is simple, ask the experts!

risual have experience and referencability in driving data led digital transformation across multiple verticals. This roughly translates as ‘we know how to make your data work for you’.

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*No, I can’t define this either.  Don’t blame me, blame economics!

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