This CU provides the following fixes and improvements (

4087345 – SFTP Adapter improvements for BizTalk Server
4054240 – BizTalk Server Adapter for MQSeries writes thousands of event log entries when no MQSeries queue exists
4230301 – BAPI transactions in SAP using BizTalk Server don’t work
4038885 – SFTP adapter receive locations stop working intermittently during higher load in BizTalk Server
4230299 – “System.ArgumentException” error logged in the Application event log after you set a large port number in the SFTP adapter in BizTalk Server
4340764 – Unnecessary field order dependency in XML required by BizTalk Server SAP adapter to generate IDOC correctly
4340765 – BizTalk Server SAP adapter does not log any error when input IDOC contains fields longer than the allowed length
4089305 – Orchestration is unbound and pipeline settings are lost when redeploying a Visual Studio project in BizTalk Server
4230297 – BizTalk Server continues to send AS2 messages as asynchronous MDN after the “Request asynchronous MDN” check box is cleared
4230298 – “Microsoft.BizTalk.Administration.EdiExt.ComboItem” error when you save changes for EDIFACT/X12 encoding settings
4091110 – Support for TLS 1.2 protocol in BizTalk Server
4093149 – BAMAlertsApplication log grows very fast in BizTalk Server
4230300 – BAM_DM jobs are unsuccessful when the Availability Group is not an Always On Availability Group in BizTalk Server
4052528 – HTTP Send ports may stall after network disruption

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