Cumulative Update Package 8 for SQL Server 2017 has been released!

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Cumulative update 8 for SQL Server 2017 has been released by Microsoft!

The following fixes are in this update:

  • 4132042 – Query performance difference between SSAS 2014 and SSAS 2017
  • 4135137 – SSMS and SSDT do not escape double quotation marks when you export data as CSV
  • 4136679 – SQL Server 2017 Analysis Services crashes after a random query is run against DirectQuery mode
  • 4163528 – DAX query performance decrease after you upgrade to SQL Server 2017
  • 4163526 – A DAX query that contains SWITCH and nested IF statements take more than an hour to finish in SQL Server
  • 4293761 – Unexpected error when process a table by using the “Process Full” option in SQL Server Analysis Services
  • 4134175 – Processing a cube with many partitions generates lots of concurrent data source connections in SSAS 2016 and 2017
  • 4164562 – Wrong user name appears when two users log on to MDS at different times in SQL Server
  • 4135113 – Change tracking record is inconsistent during an update on a table that has a clustered or unique index in SQL Server
  • 4094858 – “An unexpected error occurred” when you use DAX measures in Power BI table visualizations in SQL Server
  • 4295097 – Cannot change the “isAvailableInMdx” column property to “False” in SSAS in Tabular mode
  • 4295233 – Database recovery could hang if it contains in-memory objects and a recovery failure is encountered during a race condition in SQL Server 2017
  • 3028216 – A crash occurs when proactive caching is triggered for a dimension in SSAS
  • 4052135 – RESTORE HEADERONLY statement for a TDE compressed backup slow to complete in SQL Server
  • 4131960 – Access violation when you run a nested select query against a columnstore index in SQL Server
  • 4162814 – An internal exception access violation occurs and the SSAS server stops responding
  • 4316655 – An assertion error may occur when you query dm_db_stats_histogram DMF in SQL Server 2017
  • 4316793 – Unnecessary failovers occur when a SQL Server 2017 Failover Cluster Instance or an Always On Availability Group is managed by Pacemaker
  • 4316791 – Two SQL Server instances are the primary replica of an availability group in SQL Server
  • 4316790 – Startup of a database that belongs to an availability group times out in SQL Server on Linux
  • 4316789 – Always On database is stuck in “Recovery Pending” state after the host name of an availability replica is renamed in SQL Server
  • 4316948 – Access violation occurs when you compile a query and histogram amendment is enabled with default Cardinality Estimation in SQL Server 2017
  • 4058175 – TDE-enabled backup and restore are slow if the encryption key is stored in an EKM provider in SQL Server
  • 4094706 – Parallel query hangs when a worker thread is aborted in an instance of SQL Server
  • 4163478 – An access violation occurs when incremental statistics are automatically updated on a table in SQL Server
  • 4337645 – Error 883 occurs when a database that belongs to an availability group is marked as SUSPECT in SQL Server 2017 on Linux
  • 4163087 – Performance is slow for an Always On AG when you process a read query in SQL Server
  • 4338296 – Memory leak after dropping an LOB or off-row column from a memory-optimized table in SQL Server on Linux
  • 4338330 – CASE expressions containing identical sub-queries may return incorrect results in SQL Server 2017
  • 4338337 – SQL Server crashes and then restarts when the “Adaptive join” option is enabled
  • 4338746 – Error 19432 when you use Always On Availability Groups in SQL Server
  • 4338960 – “PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA” Stop error when enumerating contents in a SQL Server FileTable directory
  • 4339090 – Improvement to reduce the fail-over duration for an availability group in SQL Server on Linux
  • 4339875 – Improvements for Always On Availability Groups on a Pacemaker cluster in SQL Server

You can download the update from

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