It is so exhilarating talking to employers about IT Apprenticeships, hearing their experiences whether they be good or bad and sharing best practices.

I am fortunate enough to work for an organisation who are heavily invested in apprenticeships and employ apprentices across the business, but also have a fantastic Education team that work closely with different colleges and has fast become a chosen training provider for IT Apprenticeships.

When talking to employers I can draw upon risual’s experience as an employer and as a training provider to help them overcome any digital skills gap. However, there are some employers who are new to this scheme and don’t understand what to consider when hiring an IT Apprentice.

It is always important when taking an IT Apprentice, to think ‘why you are taking them’ and ‘what does this mean for the business’? A lot of business I talk to, expressed that an IT Apprentice allows them to grow and bring new skills as well as providing opportunity for someone who would not have thought about going down this career path.  Having a clear direction on their role and what is expected from them is necessary, as this will allow them to be organised and manage their time accordingly. The other items to thinks about is; career path, wage, contracted hours, 20% off the job training and the training provider, these are important just as much as when hiring the right talent into the apprenticeship.

From experience and my opinion, it is vital and educational for the apprentice to have a mentor or a go to person, who they will shadow and learn from; otherwise the apprentice will feel lost and not perform the role they were hired for. It is amazing to see IT apprentices treated as a key member of the team, who are bringing in valuable skills and knowledge to the business as well as seeing their progression with in their role. Business who spend the time and effort with the apprentice find that the apprentice is more likely to stay with them after the apprenticeship.

So why not take an IT Apprentice and help shape their future!

Please get in touch if you would like to understand this further or are interested in hiring an IT Apprentice!

Bye for now

Ranu Kapoor

Employer Engagement Manager