PowerShell Truncated my Output

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Sometimes when you run a PowerShell command you get the output , but it’s truncated the result that you needed. Often this leads you to maybe running a select command with -ExpanyProperty or an FT -Autosize.

However there is an easier way , by default PowerShell only display 4 results on a line before truncating the text (See Below)

Applications : {urn:application:Cas, urn:application:Caa,
urn:application:testbot, urn:application:Cps…}

You can change the value of 4 before truncating with the below which sets it to unlimited!

$FormatEnumerationLimit = -1

After you have ran the above command , run your original command again and results will no longer be truncated 🙂

Applications : {urn:application:Cas, urn:application:Caa,
urn:application:testbot, urn:application:Cps,
urn:application:RGS, urn:application:PDP}


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