Keeping your customers happy and satisfied? Is there much more we want as an organisation?

Ensuring your customers are getting a luxury experience is a goal which is at the forefront of almost every business. How can you ensure your customers are happy with their time with you if you do not have the right information?

Data in a business is vital, it’s so important that you use it to ensure you are creating the right products, supplying the correct services and delivering the best experience that you can as a business.

Data drives businesses, and with akin that’s no different. Our modular approach allows you to build a platform that targets your needs and provides the metrics to match. Whether that be using the one-on-one staff and customer messaging component to retrospectively apply sentiment analysis to determine the best conversations. Then using that data to aid your businesses training and best practice for nurturing and cultivating client trusts to help pitch your brand, concepts, or stock.

At its core the akin platform provides a modular approach as a content delivery service; centred around the use of smart AI and Data analytics to drive client or customer relationships in order to achieve business goals. Whether that be increased sales revenue, better customer or client satisfaction, or revitalising/replacing an existing digital delivery environment. It achieves these goals by allowing a consistent stream of important information between a business and it’s users, a company and its customers, or an authority and it’s dependants.

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