Resize RDS User Profile Disk

We recently started using User Profile Disks in our RDS environment in anger and noted that there doesn’t seem to be much info on how you extend these once they are passed the maximum allocation of the collection.  So here’s how!

  • Ensure the user is logged off.
  • Logon to a server with Hyper-v role open powershell as admin and map a network drive to the RDS Server: Net use u: \\<RDSServer>\UserData
  • Resize the drive: Resize-VHD -Path u:\UVHD-<SID>.vhdx -SizeBytes 16G

Once complete:

  • Remove the drive: Net use U: /delete

Back on the RDS Server Mount the VHD:

Note if you haven’t done it before you will get an access denied error – unless you want to view the content you can ignore it – to view the content you need to take ownership and then separately add yourself to security

Open disk management and you will be able to extend the volume:

Don’t forget to eject/detach the VHD.

Hope it helps!

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