Recently we had a customer issue whereby they were getting the below error when using the SharePoint migration tool for moving files from on-premises to OneDrive:

So for some reason the ADFS server doesn’t like the new SharePoint migration tool when it came to authenticating with Office 365. To establish what exactly was wrong on the ADFS server/servers what we did some digging in event viewer around the times of the most recent request at which point we stumbled on the below event ID:

Event 364 – Encountered error during federation passive request

The issue in fact is that within your ADFS management configuration, forms authentication on your intranet global authentication policy needs to be enabled.

Out of the box Forms authentication will always be disabled, so it requires a change to the ADFS configuration (if not already configured) to ensure users can utilise the migration tool again.

We understand that this has also caused similar issues for CRM data migrations.

Hope this helps someone with a similar issue!

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