SQL Server Management Studio 17.7 released

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Microsoft have released SQL Server Management Studio 17.7 for downloaded. You can use this version of SMSS on SQL Server 2008 all the way up to SQL Server 2017.

There are a few new features available in this release:

  • Support package scheduling in Azure-SSIS integration runtime.
  • Support for SSIS package scheduling in SQL Agent on SQL Managed instance. It is now possible to create SQL Agent jobs to execute SSIS packages on the managed instance.
  • Replication monitor now supports registering a listener for scenarios where publisher database and/or distributor database is part of Availability Group. So with this release of SSMS, you can monitor replication environments where publisher database and/or distribution database is part of Always On.
  • Fixed bug fixes

Download SQL Server Management Studio 17.7 here and the upgrade package from 17.x to 17.7 here.

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