Hey folks,

So it’s been some time since I last posted something on here especially around Power Bi. This is mainly due to me working on my own blog site which can be found here

However I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great to get some of you risual supporters up to speed with Power Bi and why it is (or should be) the way forward for you. I’ve put together a short podcast to go through the benefits of Power Bi and why it is accessible to anyone. That’s including small local business to large global organisations. Some of the topics covered are as follows:

  • Is Power Bi right for you?
  • Why Power Bi is right for you?
  • Seriously! you’re silly not to get Power Bi

I’ll be doing more podcasts around the products Microsoft provides. Hopefully you guys will get to understand why it’s such a big deal and why you need it.

Enjoy the podcast and get in touch if you have any questions!