Update Rollup 5 for System Center 2016 Virtual Machine Manager has now been released.

The rollup provides the following fixes and improvements (Referenced from https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4094925/update-rollup-5-for-system-center-2016-virtual-machine-manager )

  • The VMM console starts slowly when the console is started by a delegated administrator.
  • The user cannot graphically view storage performance of hosts in the VMM console overview.
  • Empty source folders are not deleted after storage migration.
  • Update remediation on Hyper-V hosts, clusters, or infrastructure servers that are non-compliant with a defined WSUS baseline times out if the job takes longer than 40 minutes. The timeout is changed to 120 minutes.
  • VM migration between two clusters fails when the source file share is not registered with the destination cluster, and permissions have been provided out of band and vice versa.
  • The MAC Address type of the VM is displayed incorrectly for tenant users.
  • VM live migration incorrectly shows the “NoAvailableNetworkOptimization” warning.
  • Importing physical resources in the SCVMM library fails when the library is a file server.
  • A user cannot create a Virtual IP template when the request path for the TCP health probe is left blank.
  • Deleting a Test FailOver VM that has a checkpoint deletes the base disk of a replica VM.
  • A user cannot fetch Virtual fiber channel adapter objects by using the PowerShell cmdlet Get-SCVirtualFibreChannelAdapter.
  • Interactive login used by VMM stores the user credentials. Interactive login is now disabled.
  • The VMM console crashes when a user tries to open a service template that was created by copying another VMM service template.
  • The VMM console does not show the Dynamic MAC address in the VM network adapter properties for tenant users.
  • The VMM console crashes for a non-administrator user if the user role is not scoped to “All Hosts.”
  • VMM overwrites the Public IP Address Resource reference property set on the Network Interface Network Controller object out of band.
  • Checkpoint creation for Network Controller managed VMs fails if the NIC has port classification.
  • VMM ASR compatibility guidance: For using use SCVMM integrated with ASR, this update supports version 1.3100 and later versions of Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Provider (also known as DRA).


You can download the rollup from http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=4094925%22





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