The Real Benefits of an Apprentice




There are a number of benefits of an employer taking on an apprentice including:
‘investing in the future’
‘Increased loyalty’
‘Great for staff morale’
‘Cost effective way of growing talent’
‘Developing new talent to meet your needs’

And there are the much used figures and facts:
92% of apprentices said their career prospects had improved.
Over 90% of apprentices currently go into work or further training.
Nearly all apprentices feel that they acquire or improve their skills as a direct result of their apprenticeship.
87% of employers said they were satisfied with the programme.
75% of employers reported that apprenticeships improved the quality of their product or service.
76% of employers say that productivity has improved.

But there are benefits of recruiting an apprenticeship that perhaps aren’t mentioned as much as they should be especially in the IT sector.

It can be a ‘game changer.’

Not only do apprenticeships offer young people the chance to kick-start a fulfilling career in the tech sector but they also provide the opportunity to work in a growing sector with all the possibilities that will offer. I’ve had successful applicants that that have told me that they never thought they would have the chance to develop their skills in an area that they have so much passion. There’s nothing better than a parent phoning up to thank me for helping their child fulfil their dream.

I am passionate about what an apprenticeship can offer both to an employer and individual .


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