You may run into an issue where your recordings made in Skype for Business have failed to save.

You will first of all need to browse to “%localappdata%\Microsoft\Communicator\Recording Manager\Temporary Recording Files\”

Whilst in this folder you will see all of the below files under the name “Temporary files for [meeting name]:

This confirms that the files are there however the recording was not merged into one playable file.

To fix this you will need to start a new Skype for Business meeting and share your desktop to the meeting:

Now start your recording:

Once you’ve done this you can pause the recording:

Go back to the path we browsed to earlier “%localappdata%\Microsoft\Communicator\Recording Manager\Temporary Recording Files\” and locate the folder that you just recorded (by looking at the timestamp on the files). Delete all the files in this folder except for a file named lock.lock:

Now go back to the original folder where your failed meeting was recorded and copy the files from here into the folder which has just been created.

In the Skype Meeting you should now be able to stop the recording which will then result in the Skype Recording Manager showing the recording as creating/processing: