Permissions to Install Exchange – When is an Exchange admin not an admin?

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I recently cames across an issue installing Exchange 2016 into an existing exchange 2010 environment. The extending of the schema and preparing of the domain had already been completed.

The setup progress was showing the following error when running the Mailbox role: Mailbox service step:

The account I was using was a member of “Exchange Organization” group. I tried running the setup from an elevated Command Prompt but still the same error.


I made the user a local admin of the exchange server and also promoted the user to a domain admin but still the issue continued.

Looking through the setup logs I came across the following:

[2] Process standard error: ERROR: Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator.
[2] [ERROR] Process execution failed with exit code 1.
[2] [ERROR] Process execution failed with exit code 1.

Looking through the group polices it came to light that there was a policy to “Prevent access to registry editing tools” enabled.

I moved my account to a new OU not processed by any group policies. The installation then progressed without any further issues.




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