Reasons to move to the Microsoft Cloud

We understand it can be quite a scary thought migrating your on-premise environment to the cloud. Will I lose important information? Is it going to be easier to use? Is it cheaper? Is it worth it? Moving to the cloud isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey and optimising it.

The services within Azure are so broad and varied, risual can advise on the best approach and the right Azure services to help your business reach its destination on its transformational journey. Whether you are just starting out and looking to move your infrastructure into the cloud; or if you are already a cloud-first business looking to capitalise on the bleeding edge of services available in Azure we can help.

1. Security comes first – Microsoft are investing huge amounts of money into security, ensuring that yours and everyone else’s data is secure. Sticking together with one of the biggest cloud providers, Microsoft, is like being part of a shoal of fish swimming in the ocean together. When you’re all together acting in unison, under the one cloud security roof, individuals are almost impenetrable.

2. Lower costs – There are many cost saving benefits when moving to the cloud, on infrastructure and space, but it’s all about optimising the Microsoft Cloud to really get the most out of your investment. risual offer multiple packaged service to optimise your infrastructure and Azure subscriptions. Our business analysts and architects work to understand what the long-term goals are for your Azure journey, and build an IaaS offering in Azure that will enable you to achieve this in a way that is cost effective and organized.

3. It’s here to stay – 72% of businesses had at least one application in the cloud in 2015, a 15% increase from 2012. The future of work is evolving at a rapid pace, with flexibility being at the forefront. The Microsoft Cloud allows is the only tool which allows for flexibility, collaboration, working anywhere at anytime on any device, productivity and efficiency. The Microsoft Cloud is the future.

4. Enhance productivity and efficiency – Migrating your environment to the cloud is one thing but enhancing your businesses productivity is another. No matter what the issue, there is a cloud-based solution out there. Microsoft 365 is the perfect tool to enable your end users to get the most out of their day to day role – Microsoft 365 allows for collaborative working, idea sharing then and there, control, reliability and a secure working platform.

5. Always on – What’s more exciting than allowing your end users to have access to remote working? Give your business the opportunity to work anywhere, at anytime on any device by being connected to the Microsoft cloud.

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